Q&A Excellence

Sometimes after a great presentation we really struggle during the Q&A sessions. Here are two tips that will take your Q&A sessions to the next level: 

1. Thank the other person for the question AND smile

- This is a significant mood changer even if you don't know how to answer the question. Some good things to say BEFORE you respond are "Thank you for your question." Or "Yes, that's a good question," or "Yes, that's an interesting question." 
- Be sure to smile BEFORE and AFTER your answer. In difficult situations or one where you are unsure as to how to answer this will help you relax, and control your emotions. 

2. Hands at your side
- In most tense situations, a lot of people cross their arms or put their hands in front (the default Korean position of respect). However, this will make you even more tense and the other person will react to your tension. 
- Put your hands at your side and do your best to relax your hands. It's hard to tense your shoulders/face/body if your hands are relaxed. Loosen those fingers.