A proper handshake

Do you know how to do a proper handshake? When do you grip? Do you step with your right or left foot when you shake hands? Do you move your hand or not? 

Here are some tips: 

1. When approaching someone to shake hands, step with your right leg to shake hands with your right hand. If you step with your left foot and shake with your right hand, you will be too close to the other person. 

2. When your hands approach the other person's hands, do not grip around their fingers but rather wait till the area between your index finger and thumb touches the same area in their hand to grip. 

3. Give a gentle but firm squeeze, and then reduce the pressure about 30-40% and shake by moving your arm up and down. We give a firm squeeze and move our hands so it doesn't feel like we are holding someone's hand, but rather are shaking their hands. 

Remember it's a handshake and not a handhold.