To equip and empower our clients to become more powerfulEnglish communicators using our trademark Power7 method of non-verbal communication.


Have you ever wondered why powerful people seem to communicate in much the same manner? Good posture, strong voice, relaxed face, etc. Their confidence can be seen not only in their words but primarily in their non-verbal communication. 

H2H has reduced this powerful mode of communication to seven different principles - the Power7.  Powerful people effectively communicate their ideas utilizing these seven principles of non-verbal communication whether they realize it or not. 

Our goal is to coach our clients through the Power7 to help them maximize their communication skills in English or any other language to become more powerful and confident communicators and presenters. 

Joseph Kim

Joseph is co-founder of H2H Communication and creator of the Power7 non-verbal assessment system. He is a Professor of Business Communication at Sungkyunkwan University's Business School, the #1 ranked MBA Program in Korea. He has been a professional speaker to more than 100+ global organizations in North America and Asia such as the University of Victoria, Handong University, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, and was featured as a Google TechTalk speaker at Google's global HQ in California. Previously he was the president of Genesis International College of Osaka, Japan. He is an author working on his second book :"Power7 Raising Your Internal Power". He is an alum of Harvard Business School and Arizona State University, where he received his PhD in philosophy.

Paulo RHEE

Paulo is co-founder of H2H Communication focusing on business development and operations. Paulo is an entrepreneur responsible for starting multiple companies mostly in financial services. He is also currently the CEO of GHR Investment Management, an investment firm based in Seoul. His professional experience includes working for multinational financial institutions, heading research teams at HSBC, ABN Amro, and managing funds for KGI Asia. He graduated from University of Pennsylvania as a Joseph Wharton Scholar, with a degree in Finance and Decision Science.