Power7 개인회원 프로그램


결제 완료 후 이용 가능하며 교육기간은 결제 한 날부터 61일간 입니다

가격: 250,000원

Corporate Consulting Program:

At the end of this comprehensive workshop, you won't speak better English. But your English will blossom. By focusing on posturing your English properly, and systematically coaching you to subtly  shift 7 non-verbal communication elements, you will dramatically increase the impact of your spoken language.

 - Intensive 2 day, 12 hour program

 - Group of 8 to 10 people max

 - Extensive Video feedback and active engagement

 - Systematic approach to Non-Verbal Communication Elements using our proprietary Power7 program.

- Contact us for details on price and schedule arrangement.